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2017. 11. 02
<Notification of closing days in December>
We will close on Dec 7th due to maintenance.

<Notification of closing days during Year-end and New year season>
■2017 Dec 31st (Sun) Open as usual.
■2018 Jan 1st(Mon)〜 3rd(Wed) Close due to New year holiday.

※We will open from Jan 4th.
Customers like the grand sea and sky view from Kajinho. They are enjoying taking picture of it. Breeze is becoming cooler these days. Outside table where you can see fantastic view is highly recommended.
After the summer ends, we feel sun is getting quieter. The view as it changes from season to season is enjoyable here. Drop by Kajinho on the way driving or short trip.
Wish you the best during the hot summer! Thank you for all of the people who visit us during this hot summer. Please take care of yourself. Have a nice summer. Kajinho
Summer vacation season is just around the corner! Have you planned your vacation for this year? It's summer that you can see emerald green sea view from Kajinho!! Let's gain energy with fresh salad and Acerola juice, and enjoy hot cheesy pizza! Burn off some summer heat!
Although rainy season has started last month in Okinawa, we've been having many sunny days lately. Many customers who looking forward to seeing panoramic view from Kajinho are visiting us today, too! The store with red tiles, sea view, and wind from ocean.. everything heals you♪ Even it's raining, you can enjoy different atmosphere of Kajinho, which is recommendable.
Thank you for all the people who visited us during Golden Week. We were very happy to see many customers enjoying meals and views in Kajinho. Rainy season will come soon in Okinawa. Would you like to chill out with good meals while listening rain sound of falling rain?
2017.4.12 Notice of business day in May
We weill Close on May 2nd(Tue)
Open on May 3rd(Wed)
We will open as usual without above date.
2017.3.17 Notice of temporary closing day in April
We will close on April 8th. Thank you for your understanding.
2017.3.14 Notice of business day in May
We weill Close on May 2nd(Tue)
Open on May 3rd(Wed)
We will open as usual without above date.
Yaedake Cherry Blossom Festival is being held in Motobu town, there are many people coming to see cherry blossoms. Would you like to feel earliest Spring here?
Welcome New Year 2017.
Thank you to all of the people who visited to Kajinho last year. We wish you all the best for this New Year.
2016.12.10 Notice of closing day
We will open from Dec 31st to Jan 2nd as usual.
Noted that we will close on Jan 3rd and 4th.
2016.11.3 Notice of closing day for maintenance
We will close from Dec 6th to 9th for store maintenance. Thank you for your understanding.
The weather is becoming a little cooler these days, finally. Viewing from terrace in Kajinho is recommendable on days like that.. Please drop by Kajinho on the way to Churaumi Aquarium which is located near to us.
Weather has turned out well after Typhoon No.18 had passed over. We hope you enjoy clear autumn sky and breeze in Kajinho. Taking a drive in Oct is highly recommended since weather would be mostly good.
Typhoons appeared one after another since the beginning of September. No one hit the Okinawa so far, but coral bleaching due to global warming is becoming more serious. Please be careful about heat illness and take care of yourself since sun still shines strong in this month in Okinawa.
There are only a few days left before the end of this month. Bon festival, Koshien, Olympic, etc.. many events had held in Aug. It's still hottest season here in Okinawa, the sun is blazing down today, too. Our Acerola fresh juice that rich in Vilatmins is just right for the summer!!
The real summer has come. Good weather continues these days. The view from Kajinho is best, and our customers enjoy taking a picture of that. Please be careful about heat stroke because it's hot here in Okinawa.
It's rainy season here in Okinawa, but weather is beginning feel like summer these says. Cicadas singing getting more louder, summer is just around the corner. It'll be so hot this summer too. Please take care of yourself.
Thank you for everyone who came out to Kajinho during Golden Week season. We had a lot of customers. The weather was good, everybody seemed to really enjoy our special Pizza and spectaculer view of Motobu town.
Rainy seanson in Okinawa has started today.
2016.3.14 Notice of working day during Golden Week Holidays 
We'll open from May 3rd(Tue) to 8th(Sun) as usual.
Compensating holiday: May 9th(Mon) to 11th(Wed).
We'll close for the above-mentioned period. Thank you for your understanding.
Cherry Blossom Fest is being held in Motobu town from last month. Hope you enjoy the deep pink colored cherry blossoms! And would you like to have a meal in Kajinho after looking it.
Happy New Year. Thank you for all of your help last year. We hope y'all will have a great year.
2015.11.13 Notice of Year-end and New Year Holiday Closing Schedule
Close: December 29, 30, January 1st We will be opened on December 31st, and we will be return to business as usual from January 2nd.
2015.11.13 Notice of Maintenance days
Kajinho will be closed for maintenance from November 30th to December 3rd. Thank you for your understanding.
Clear skies of autumn can be viewed from Kajinho. October is just good for drinving in Okinawa. Please drop in on us when you come Motobu Town in Yanbaru.
It's still summer here in Okinawa even though it's September. Sightseeing, Water sports, there are lots of things you can enjoy! Hope you enjoy our special Pizza and amazing view from Kajinho.
Sever hot weather continuing here in Okinawa. The wait time is longer than usual because people come to Kajinho has been increasing since summer vacation started. Please kindly be careful of heat stroke. Note: We will close for Obon holidays on Aug 28th.
2015.7.28 Notice of Closing Day
Please be informed that we will be closed for Obon holidays on Aug 28th.
Thank you for your understanding.
Weather in July has been good, the view of the sea along the Motobu peninsula from Kajinho is very beautiful. Traffic congestion is expected since Ocean Expo summer fest will be held tomorrow. Please drive safely and enjoy fire works!

It's humid these days because of rainy season. Rainy season is blessed rain for us to welcome guest in this summer. We will work hard for the guest have a relaxing meal in Kajinho.


It's been refreshing weather here in Okinawa. The endless view from Kajinho is awesome! Rainy season hasn't started yet, it seems like this year is later than usual.

2015.4.6 Notice of Closing Day in May

Please be informed that we will be closed due to maintenance on May 7th. We will open May 5th and 6th, but it is expected to be crowded.


Temperature is over 20 degrees, March in Okinawa is comfortable.
I'd like to recommend the drive to Northern of Okinawa while feeling spring weather. Please come and see the nice view from Kajinho at least once.

2015.2.23 Notice of Closing Day

Please be informed that we will be closed due to maintenance on February 6th.
Thank you for your understanding.


Cherry trees in Mt. Yae are in full bloom, number of people visit Motobu-town is increased lately.
The view from Kajinho is truly nice because weather in February is mild.
Please visit us to see nice view and have good pizza. 

2015.1.6 Happy and Prosperous New Year 2015!

We really appreciate your patronage. May this year be filled with smiles and love. Best hopes and wishes for the new year.

2014.12.27 Thank you to everyone who visited with us Kajinho this year.

We will work hard to continuously improve our services.Sincerely and with good intentions.We will close from 30th Dec to 2nd Jan.

2014.11.27 Notice of Year-end/New year holidays

Due to the Year-end and New year holidays, we will close from December 30th to January 2nd. Thank you for your understanding.

2014.11.9 Closed for employee training

We will be closed from December 1st through December 4th for employee training. We ask for your kind understanding.


Kajinho is closed today due to typhoon No.19. We have not decided to open tomorrow. Please directly contact us if you'd like to confirm our business hours.


The sun has been setting earlier here in Okinawa lately, the sunset from Kajinjo is very beautiful. Please enjoy the wonderful view when you visit the Kajinho.


Pizza café Kajinho official website has opened.

Enjoy pizza in tranditional Japanese house

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Enjoy our pizza in cafe, which offers a traditional old house atmosphere with panoramic views! Since opening, we're making our own special pizza. It's soft, fluffy, and chewy at the same time.

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